To have courage. To allow yourself to be scared. Lost, uncomfortable, small. All the time look for keys to master the art of being comfortable feeling uncomfortable. For we never grow when staying within our safe hidden walls. We have to challenge; try, fail, fail better, learn to learn through failing. Believeing in ourselves even when we doubt. That is when we will find ourselves, at the places we know ourselves the least. That is what grows success. That is how we will learn to master our wild untamed hearts, and know them in every hidden valt and arterie.

To be humble but strong. To be kind but fair. To be scared & brave. We are who we are and out thoughts and scares do not define us. Others do not define us. Even our little mind-ghosts, that we refer to as our inner voices sometimes, are not what defines us.

We have to learn to see our true hearts, to listen to it. We never will if surrounded by noise, voices, and opinoins. Undress yourself naked. When your logic, and selfcenter is no longer present, where its just you and you are humble to your inner true self. It is uncompfortable because we will be scared, but this is where you get to know thyself.

    Photo : Freja Zeidlitz

Photographer; Erik Nylander