A new challenge!

So, new exciting things are coming up! Im actually studying even more now. Except for working as a Coach and personal trainer, I’m getting my licence to be a Lifestyle coach and a licensed health coach. ♣ My work as a personal trainer has been magnificent this summer and now Im even more eager to learn and develope this to the next level.

At the same time as Im working with my own company, traveling and filming, Im studying at   http://ptdistans.nu/

It works teriffic if you, just like me, has A LOT of ambition on your hands and do a lot of hard work at the same time.  I can travel and work while studying here since we meet up in the weekends. ( but it is ofcourse going to take a lot of effort from my side.. to keep everything rolling at the same time. Discipline, this is all there is. Everything works with goals, structure, planning and discipline to proceed with that plan. )

Hopefully, and I am pretty convinced, I will leave with even more new different aspects of what I love working with; Training & Health, and a ton of new friends!

Im totally  up for this, its going to be so much fun!

Keep updated on Snap and Instagram! See ya soon. ♥

// Ida