Two weeks gone by like crazy.
I was asked to go up to Oppdal Norway to coach the Girl Inspiration-event Of Hidden skills.
30 Girls, 3 days, and amazing happy conditions!!!
I was so happy to get the opportunity to go up to Oppdal with Ann-Jorun Tysseland, Norwegian Freeskier, and Birgitte Oakland, and
Inspire a whole bunch of young girls to push their limits and believe in themselves.

( If you are interested in reading more about Hidden Skills ) https://www.skiforbundet.no/sor-trondelag/terminliste/arrangement/?eid=310677

30 Young women, of all ages, came together to have fun and evolve on skis in park and freeriding.
Im overjoyed when I see young girls growing and becoming more and more secure for each hour , having fun together supporting one another. This is what I’m supporting and standing for. Not only in Skiing, but in everything.
Young women, and girls, need to start seeing their abilities and possibilities, and not their limitations. Have courage to do it, believe they can do something, that they are good enough and absolutely amazing just by being who they are.


Going to start Video-blogging about my adventure and lifestyle, and thought this event was the perfect start off!
Did a little YouTube video-blogg from the trip and event. Only first episode out, but
A longer and more interesting 2:nd and 3:d video is on the way!

img_6389Now Im on my way back home to Kläppen ski resort. Going to meet up with some friends for Swedish Championchip, Repack my bag, and head off on another adventure.
Next up >>>
•Swedish championships in Kläppen,
• Next week up to Åre to coach on GIRLS DAY OUT with InspireUs. Gonna coach 60 rad girls in Åre, and I am truly looking forward to It! Hope I’ll see you there ladies!
• Filming in Åre due w.13 and then head back to Sälen for a movie project and slush week!
• Extreme scooter freeriding in powder.
• Film for Stöten ski resort.
…. more is to come , I’ll update you later!
Hope you are enjoying your winter and making the best out of your life being who you are!
Spread the Love, & stay True!
// Ida *