I have gotten a new partner in crime!And this is something I can truly stand for. *This is nuts*, are what I would refer to as the best snack/baverage company ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-19-11in ages because of 3 things. Enviroment, caring for less fortunate human beings, and ecologic products. All their products are ecologic. Nuts, chocolates, berries and much much more!  VERY HEALTHY! ♥ LOVE IT!

( I have before declined offers from snack companies becuase I have found them to contain too much sugars and processed ingridients.        ( Wich Is NOT something that I like, want to represent or endulge in my everyday life. I love fruit, vegetable and nuts for my lifestyle. ) However, thisisnuts is clean and enviromental.

They also donate 2 kr for each sold product to the ideel organisation Convictus, non political organisation who’s helped abandoned people, children and refugees living on the streets since the 1990’s. ♥       I MEAN WOW! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-16-40

I am so happy to be their ambassador of choosing. I am proud to represent what they stand for! ( And eat a whole bunch of nuts, out being carzy nutty maniac doing mad things! 😉

And what name would suit my lifetstyle better!? I am a living maniac, I am crazy, living a adventure lifetstyle! ( And a hopefully madly healthy one!!! )

So looking forward to this very good bond I have created with these guys! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-10-52Hopefully we will actually make a change and help sweden to become more healthy, strong, ecologic and less cold for those who live on the street. ♥ It warms my heart!

Check out their wbsite here, eat that delicious nuts-chocolate and be proud to contibute to a better, healthier, more enviromental and warmer loving world!

I Promise… its delicious!