This is what I stand for. This is what we do.

Today, women are bombarded with messages about unrealistic standards of beauty. They are exposed to an extreme amount of pressure to fulfill and maintain standards of beauty, which are set forth by the media, brands and influencers. The quest for perfection has backfired. It does not contribute positively to women’s lives. Right now, more than eight out of ten Nordic women feel uncomfortable with their own body. And the majority find themselves doubting their own potential and worth, because they can’t live up to an unattainable beauty ideal. This has a negative impact on the lives of many women and in the worst scenarios exercise turns into an obsession, enjoying food becomes impossible and choosing the right outfit is a nightmare. Reality is that women come in many shapes and sizes. And that’s a relief. Because the world would be so boring if we all looked alike. We believe that daring to stand out from the crowd and being our own colorful self is the way forward. We want women to liberate themselves from unreasonable expectations to beauty, exercise and appearance. Because no matter the size of your thighs or the width of your waist, the distance you run or your diet, we believe that you are best fit to pursue your goals and live your life. Celebrate your own goalsand what you accomplish. Celebrate your friends and family. Celebrate your body. Celebrate your mind.

Celebrate YOURSELF.


This is what we do at Karitraa. This is what we stand for, and when  bigger forces  move forward togehter, we create a better future.

Now ladies.. Celebrate YOURSELF. ♥

/ Ida *