You know, when I was younger.. I hated school. It made me sick to my stomach to sit around all day  long doing things other* people had decidede for me to do. I found it ridiculous. My head has always been stubborn, and when it didn’t consider something important my mind intended to block that shit away. ( I am still the same to this day but it would be inapropriate of me as a grown-up to admit so. )

Anyway, I think the same goes for life. We tend to listen and learn from all the things we, ourselves, consider important and we block the rest out. I think there are a lot of good things about this, but is also bad. It makes our minds possibility for growth decrease intensively. But that is now a whole different subject, and it is not the one I tended to write about just now…

My point is. The last couple of weeks I have found myself back at the school desk. With a pencil and paper to listen to teatchers telling me ( not maybe what to do wich is good.. since no-one can. ) but what to learn. I have found it very interesting and not boring at all. This is no longer a have-to, its a possibility.

What if I decided to see the knowledge around me like this when I was younger ? The world is still the same. Its my enterpretation of it the defines my view of what is real. What if we come to realise that everything around us is not defined, but our mindset upon how we choose to define it? School, our job, our pain, love, defeat, victories and obstacles.

I was never very interested in biology when I was younger, now I am learning the entire body in Latin. I didnt care what I hate when I was 12.. now I am becoming a health coach at @ptdistans at the age of 22. Writing health articles for magazines and leading others as a lifestyle coach.

One should never be judgemental, or in a hurry to define what we know or like. My weeks at PTdistans made me have som flashbacks.. because I have never truly enjoyed  school as much as I do now. And it is truly an interesting learning point, both in myself and in the classroom.

Tomorrow we will have another session.. We have soo much to do! But this is why I love it. Looking forward for my day with my class tomorrow.. after all, I do enjoy my time here now. #Toocoolforschool?

I’ll give you a update about the weekend.

// Ida