I Everyone!

You know what, I resently got a role in a new a new movie.. its been a while since I threw myself head over heels into acting. But Im gonna do it now. Last time was years ago preforming the Musical ”On broadway” as the character Macbeth on Berns theatre in Stockholm. Since then I have only done some small comercial jobs aside my skiing and modeling missions.
I am so passsionate about starting to film this next year. And hopefully it will develope onto a serie aswell if we get enough interest from the world. If it does we are looking at something grand and spectacular.. ♥

I love to work and create like this. I am in love with storytelling and reaching out to peoples souls in a way that reality cannot do.
To create that vibe. This spark that touches every single one. Like the grand views ov Avatar or the songs from Titanic, the passion from Braveheart or the fairytale from lord of the rings.. Or perhaps the comedy as the movies with Cameron Diaz or Jhonny Depp? 

Reaching out to that sense within peoples hearts. Like good music, its impossible to ignore.. ♥

// Ida