Somehow these days people seem to take everything so seriously. But, to be honest we only have this one life, and its simple, it will be crazy, but no one will remember what you did in a 100 years, so it doesn’t matter!

Being tame is what we are taught. Put the crayons back, stay in line, don’t talk too loud, keep your shit together, nice girls don’t this and that.. but they DO! And they like to feel wild and alive. Being tame feels safe, being wild, unsafe.
Yet safety is an illusion anyway. We are not in controle. No matter how nice and safe and tame we live, we will die. And we will suffer along the way. Living wild is it’s own reward. So just live crazy and weird and not perfect for god sake! Don’t have so much pride, let go of your boundaries, go nuts and impulsive and feel alive.♥

We are so scared of making mistakes, but why? If you mess up, who will remember it in a 100 years anyway? And to be honest, the more clifs you have the gut to dive, the more adventures you will likely to find along the way. And some god damn good ones! Be sure of that!  So don’t be so scared of doing something even though you don’t think its a good idea.. Its like skiing, to find that thrill, and spark of feeling alive, you must have the courage of allowing yourself to be scared, because once you do take that jump, that feels so wrong and basically you have no idea of what you are doing.. then, you will find that life thrill making you live a life on the truest of levels. That feeling that makes you know what its truly like to be ALIVE, that feeling of being the most stoked and present person in the world because you dare to live, and take a leap of faith for the experience of JUST LIVING. ( Fuck it! ) Without holding anything back. Without letting the head and rational thoughts take control of you, of that rush that you feel doing somethings entirely out of this world.

You want to feel alive? don’t be scared to just do and don’t judge yourself for where your life will end up. However much you plan it it probably won’t turn out like you planned anyway.. Be sure of that! So don’t be so judgmental on yourself. Just go with it, whatever adventures life take you on. And don’t be so god damn scared of your own prejudice and boundaries you have created for yourself and your life. It will probably make you miss out on more that life might offer you, rather than give you more of life* for being in somewhat idea of so called control.

I am here to feel, to do stupid fucked up shit, to be ALIVE. Whatever that now means. And sometimes i will not think before I act,( quite often actually ) and it will get me scared and into crazy situations .. but its from those journeys I’v truly had my biggest most amazing adventures, because I had the gut to be human and go absolutely free with my heart and spirit. Not think. Just live.

So don’t hold you free spirit back, don’t judge yourself upon your stupid decisions, they are there to make you live. We are only human, and that is for a god damn good reason. Find your next scary thing and go do that, be open hearted and without struggle or judgment. Create a life filled with adventures, even the ones you are scared of. Meet amazing people, go raodtrip, fall asleep under the stars, go skinny-dipping in the ocean under a shining moon. Laugh… and surround yourself only with the people that are truly worth your time, all those that value you. That will do anything to have a little spot in your heart to care for them. And if they do deserve that little string to your caring heart, love them unconditionally, without restrains or judgement.. be free, understanding and human! Respect them as you want to be respected yourself. This people forget.. I want to be free, and the ones closest to my heart love me unconditionally without restrictions or expectations. And this, is the best way to live and love.

Take pictures of everything, tell people you love them, be kind, do stupid shit just for the sake of it, travel random places, get to know that stranger, just go with the flow that is created around you.

Dont be scared to be human, don’t be scared to be wrong, take chances, respect all living things, and don’t take you life so god damn seriously. Didn’t go as you planned? GOOD! so what! Life would be so boring otherwise. Embrace that shit and live in the moment, don’t be so judgmental and scared. If shit happens they happen, if good stuff happens they do. There is no point in making life tricky. Just have fun! with whatever is! Don’t be a drama queen, because there is fun to do in every situation in life if you are a open heart enough to just go get it!

I am a very simple free spirited woman. Most people who know me knows this. And my life is of course as messy as anyones because ( sometimes even more because I manage to put myself in all kinds of crazy insane fucked up situations hahah )  a life is a life! BUT, I choose to dance with every step I take. I will be that wild heart that live in the moment and don’t care so much what happens. Because, I will no matter what have fun along the way, no matter what. This is my strength and my weakness. It makes it hard to get a grasp of me for real, because people believe they know where I stand, but they don’t. I am all over, on the tops of the mountains and in the magic deeps of the ocean, Im far above and between. I enjoy it all. I live it all. And Im not afraid to live. Truly, completely, 100% where I am and with the people I meet. Because all I truly wanna do, is just, Live.

And whenever things don’t turn out the way we plan, just say; GOOD, Exciting!!! Good things are coming. Lets just do this!

Just, live.

Lyrics from my favorite song; Oh  I did it all. I owned every second that this world could give, I’ve seen so many places, ohman the things that I did..!

And with every broken bone

I swear, I lived. // Ida