As you might have heard through my Instagram… Im holding a Urban Training Tour through the entire Country! Holy shit. This thing is huge!

kt_ut_some_1200x600_swe_b(Photographer; Gustav Torstensson)

9 of swedens biggest cities, 100 ladies on each even and Im coaching and Leading 24 extra personal trainers throughout Sweden to help me on every event that Im leading. ( Its not a easy task, but sure hell a damn fun one! )

This is with the main-sponsores Karitraa & Sportamore. ( WOW ). Inkluding some external sponsors as Garmin Denmark, Vitamine well & Barebells.

This Journey is crazy, we are getting soo much positive responses from this and it makes me overjoyed to be able to affect such large group of women to a happier healthier lifestyle. I mean, wow, what more can you ask?

We are going all in, and by the look of the outcome and feedbacks.. we a doing something good and really appreciated here. <3 So thankful!

I’ll post more videos and photos soon, that is a promise, when the whole job is done I will have some more time to post more parts and insight info of the Journey with my crew throguhout the country. My days with exhastion and messy hair.. to karaoke singing in the car and adrenaline filled workout events with some inspiring powerful beautiful women.

img_0087img_0089 img_0092 img_0093

These are the things I love to do. Inspire others in a way that is true. Its rare these days.. but once you reach out to human beings and connect with them in a real way, that makes them feel connected to you, it never goes away.

Thankful that Karitraa and Sportamore puts their faith in me leading this. The projekt, the Tour and all the events. I am honored, and so excited to make this the best shit ever. See you soon! Stay tuned.

Keep rockin’ and stay true!

// Ida