Been back home in Kläppen for a couple of weeks, skiing and hangin with friends. I’m back working as a ski instrucor when I am requested. ( absolutely love it, and a specially when people have so much fun that they specifically ask for your coaching over and over again. ) rest of my time I ski, and live well. Meet a lot of people and road trip.

Went out one day in the sunshine and did a little fun shoot session with Easything Media. The sun was amazing and got some dazzling photos. My skiing was not on top that day.. but the day was awesome!

img_5590 img_5591

img_5588img_5592 img_5593 img_5594 img_5596 img_5597 img_5598 img_5599 img_5600 img_5601


Can’t deny I love it here in Kläppen. Thanx Joakim Björklind for the photos, and the guys for a fun day.

// Ida Ruder