Wow. This weekend in Åre has been the best. #GDO
On the InspireUs event in Åre we had 52 Women signed up, for shreddin the park and on the mountain. I am so thankful I coud be there to coach and take part of that awesome day with all the girls. We had soo much fun!
We had a awesome team and the event turned out a real success. I have never seen sunch girlpower in one place at the time!
And ALL the girls developed in massive speed, and the smile on their faces never went off after they dared to try something new. ( not mine either for that matter haha )

I was overjoyed for them, and almost caliming even higher when they finally succeeded with a new trick or challange. My happpiness just simply couldn’t go away!
To all of you girls out there shreddin with me on GDO; You did a F’ucking awesome job, and I’m soo proud of you.
Kepp on having fun, Dare to push your own limits and remember to be out smilin’ shreddin because its fun. Find the Joy adn you are the best skiiers on the mountain.
Life your life and smile!
// IDA