This year I was hosting the event of Girls Day out with InspireUs at Åre ski resort Sweden.

MAN This years event went MAD! We had the total og 60 girls!!! Out shredding toghether. And I was coaching skiing in the park that day. Man what a day. We had such girlpower where women together learned new stuff and pushed each other. GOOD VIBES. Food, hangout and new friends. I am so happy that I could be there to coach ind Inspire some of them and I am extremely overjoyed that the event has had such wonderful turnout and grown so much!

I wont talk so much more about it.. I WANT TO SEE YOU THERE NEXT YEAR!


Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy, and smile!


17546799_1224064261043668_6806365773465232468_o17545182_1224063347710426_9086115958781723922_o 17546646_1224063751043719_4157379545322956629_o


17492941_1224063074377120_5944820678809473473_o 17505196_1224061811043913_6831187940228163423_o17435981_1224065274376900_1207316265927432295_o17505285_1224061887710572_2707253416134260915_o17434803_1224062411043853_5561883563640851586_o17505325_1224064847710276_3531712894176702010_o17504967_1224065447710216_8521159029705420138_o   17493098_1224063201043774_4655269429121448873_o17505054_1224061721043922_7169684708885220926_o17545129_1224062091043885_7613533011834295716_o17434486_1224062867710474_7612651246864518749_o17505174_1224061984377229_3013442023719504462_o

This year, we had so much good vibes and girlpower I can not even explain it in words. Amazing, awesome girls, and wonderful hangout! I could not be more happy about the event!


Remember, Be yourself, keep pushing your boundaries, and stay true!

// Ida