This is totally Rad.

On friday I holding a event on Urban Delis Rooftop, for bloggers and influencers invited but Stadium through social media, for a pre-winter leg-workout on the peak of Stockholm City. I have so much fun mad things planned! And afterwards its gonna be afterski/afterworkout with great food from Urban Deli, drinks, music and mingel. 

All my ladies invited are going to get a lovely whool-workout shirt to bring with home ( My favourite one for both skiing and working out )

So madly looking forward to it! Watch out on Stadiums & Karitraas social media and instgrams, (and ofcourse my instagram and social media! ) Fillmers and photographers will be there so soon after we will release a video on Stadiums channels!

Lets hit it!!! For some of you, I will see you there! ♦

// Ida Ruder