Hi Everyone!

My summers been veeery hectic and Im sorry for me not being very present. ( But as you might know you have followed my sailing adventures 13987712_1139107772817109_1444989558_oaroun the world at least on my story! 😉 ) Now Im back in Sweden and Im going to be better from now on.

First of all. I have gotten a role in a film!!! Im going to make my very first original movie. Wow, this is so exciting! I will show you more of our shooting as soon as I am allowed! Right now I am very restricted to what Im allowed to say. I have also stared to work more as a model latley, I love it and have been starting to take on even more film/model jobs wich is fun!

Second of all; I’m this autumn going to not only work as a personal trainer but Im going to go to school! I will become a licensed health coach! ( At PTdistans Stockholm, at the same time as Im working with my company. ) New exciting stuff is coming up with Karitraa, and my travels, Im going to Croatia in Oktober to finally get my exam as a full educated Yatch-boat captain! wihooo!

Soon I will get back to you with more info.