Working out. To me this is not only getting fit and strong, its about teatching you body and soul to do what has to be done, when you say so. It’s about pushing yourself to achieve what you put your mind to do. For every victory, you mind and strenght becomes stronger. You do what you decide and you dont stop until you reach your finish line. That is power of one self.

I know a lot of people who are strong, hard training and working out, is to me a different way of empowering the very existance of who you are, you abilities, and what you know you can achieve in the future with the spirit of your heart and the sword of you ambitions.

At PTdistans, I found a lot of new faces that are now closer to my heart. Team mates that I can work with and grow with, see things differently with. Discuss and grow. During the past weeks I haven’t had the amount of exercise I know my body needs.. I have had so much work to do.. but I grow in the awareness of learning more, achieveing more that makes the lack of all you want worth it.