“Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.”

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Event for STADIUM Join the movement

This is totally Rad.

On friday I holding a event on Urban Delis Rooftop, for bloggers and influencers invited but Stadium through social media, for a pre-winter leg-workout on the peak of Stockholm City. I have so much fun mad things planned! And afterwards its gonna be afterski/afterworkout with great food from Urban Deli, drinks, music and mingel. 

All my ladies invited are going to get a lovely whool-workout shirt to bring with home ( My favourite one for both skiing and working out )

So madly looking forward to it! Watch out on Stadiums & Karitraas social media and instgrams, (and ofcourse my instagram and social media! ) Fillmers and photographers will be there so soon after we will release a video on Stadiums channels!

Lets hit it!!! For some of you, I will see you there! ♦

// Ida Ruder

Dare to work hard..

I had a very deep discussion with some of my girls the other day.. I am a woman like them, and like women sometimes tend to be; also sensitive and fragile. But despite this we are strong. Because of this we are strong. Use your character, and build your empire with* it. Together with who you are. That is powerful women to me. Not to be anything else than what they are. Without compromise.

The truth is, nothing is easy, but yet we tell ourselves that things aught to come to us without hard work. Without headache, or broken bones… Why do I hear this all the time from people around me? Why do I hear this from the ghosts in my head?

In fighting we tend to get better each time we fall, in skiing we have to fall in order to get alot better.. In fact.. we fall, knowing it is THE WAY to get better.  In the gym is is the exercise we do to exhaustion that makes us feel something! And get stronger. Break down and build up, break down and build up. Like a wise man once said; It ant about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and still get back up moving forward.

Why does the mind not cinsider this in other spectras if life ? We expect no boundaries, hard work blood or tears…





Success is not managing only what you already can do .  It is pushing yourself to that point you barely manage what you think you cannot do. To do more, to achieve more, to fight harder and work till you fingers bleed. That is how you gain results, that is how you repsect, from others but most importantly to yourself. You gotta do what you gotta do, and in the end.. to be truly realistic here.. Its all about making a choice. Life and reaching where you want to go is marely a decision.

I expect hard work. I expect to bleed till my knees bend. ( Somehow just because this is something I take for granted wothout complaining about it, people seem to believe my results in everything I do, come for free. It. does. not. ) I am a fighter, and I always push myslef to do a little more than expected, to give a little more than given and to proceed both mine and others expectations of me. I am scared, but bravery, is about doing it anyway.

Dream your life, life your dream. If you want to be someone capable of living your life completely on your own terms.. al you gotta to, is do it.

// Ida *


Workout: Lifting is harder/and easier than you think*


I must be honest with you guys.. I am terrible at lifting. I realised It is easy for me to see when someone else does it, to correct right from or wrong.. But for myself ( Daki and me focusing on evolving at PTdistans )

I have for a long time  subconsciously avoided it. I have never done it much because I, like so many others, have been too insecure about the correct teqnique.. However. Once you learn this it becomes madly fun!

( Me reaching down to get into a nice starting spot ) 

There are really some tricks you can use to slowly increase your teqnique and self-esteem around this typ of workout session. The movements are not that hard once you understand how* to move your body, but it is not easy at start. ( And also, As for myself who is a skier with very bad range of motions ( Swedish-> Rörelseomfång – ROM ) I would have to stretch some more to solely focus on my movements.

Another thing few people can handle is the benchpress in arch..

I met Josef at PTdistans and he has got some tips on how you do a Benchpress with arch; really well put of him and I recomend you to watch it.

See ya soon!

// Ida


Not a have to, but a possibility #Toocoolforschool?

You know, when I was younger.. I hated school. It made me sick to my stomach to sit around all day  long doing things other* people had decidede for me to do. I found it ridiculous. My head has always been stubborn, and when it didn’t consider something important my mind intended to block that shit away. ( I am still the same to this day but it would be inapropriate of me as a grown-up to admit so. )

Anyway, I think the same goes for life. We tend to listen and learn from all the things we, ourselves, consider important and we block the rest out. I think there are a lot of good things about this, but is also bad. It makes our minds possibility for growth decrease intensively. But that is now a whole different subject, and it is not the one I tended to write about just now…

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Article with Sportamore Magazine

Hey guys! I was asked to do an intervju with Sportamore Magazine!

I am superexcited!

I dont generally speak up about things like this, becuase I know it can easily sound selfcentered. I am just really happy, and just felt like I really needed to share this one with you guys. Feeling happy that Sportamore supports what I stand for and found my lifestyle and ideas interesting enough to lift it up to the world.18426533_10211135542519107_32484365_o

SO! some more interesting news is that I will this summer hold in a Urban Training Tour for women. In collaboration with Karitraa and now Sportamore, there will be a Urban Training Tour. The Tour will go throughout entire Sweden, 9 cities, with 100 women on each event. The concept will be fun outdoors training for women, with urban feeling, to lift them up and have fun with the concept of outdoors training. To make training fun, to let go of performance anxiety, body ideals, and just have fun together! Some girlpower, and every single girl and woman is welcome!

More info about the events in the link below;


So, By lifitng eachother up we will move forward. By inspiring others, and eachother we will grow and become the best we can be. Just who we are, as we are.

Helping those who need it as best we can. Lift people up. It can be anyone. Your friend, your mother or brother. A stranger on the street. Inspire people around you to be the peak of themselves. Not as everyone else but as yourself!

Let every human being be who they are, let them shine in their own way, on their own path throug life, and dont find defeat in others success.. find inspiration. Find a way to create your own way. And dont ever let anyone tell you, how and what you should be. You are the queen or king over your life. Dont let anyone make you- or even try to convince you otherwise.

If people follow their own hearts, if they glow through what they love and bloom out as  who they are as people. Without judgement and hatred. There is beauty and joy around. Love is found in honesty and truth. Authenticity and openminded vibes.

Be yourself. Stay true and give good energy to people around you. Give. Change your world by enpowering and giving others that spark you have inside, help them bloom. It makes people change, that little spark.. and the world becomes a better place.  Together, we can make people live, believe in themselves, and love just as they are. Help each other grow and share. Believe in one another.

Spread the spark you have inside, like the wings of a butterfly, It will sooner or later, change the world.

// Ida *

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