Oops.. well, I quit my job. Now I am in the mountains on skis. I returned back home to Sälen to do what I love. I dont care.

How do you put this nicely to your manager?…
: I quit because I want to play around on snow every day like a kindergartener?!?
( -basically doing nothing more but play, smile like an idiot, laugh, and hang out with friends. ( or just by yourself with music in your ears ) And be happy about life.

I just want to live with with my heart and my freedomlife. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks of that

Once I quit  I left very next day, leaving Stockholm behind for the mountains. No one knew, and I didn’t tell anyone. So I’m sorry for some of my colleagues and friends I didn’t mention my departure…but I am back in my cabin in the mountains now and I’m probably staying for good.

So basically I am staying for the rest of the season now. I couldn’t bare being without skiing, or the mountains even though I planned to take this winter more slow and save money for upcoming winters, plans and projects.
– I planned on staying as a air hostess for a little while Longer, because it was fun and a amazing(!) job, but then I woke up one morning 2 weeks ago and realized this I cannot do..

The heart in you tells you what it really wants. Because honestly? .. I can do anything to have my skiing, I can live alone, work double up or take any job just to have my time on the mountain. Even though my knees are in pain and my head is dizzy, despite my level of teqnique or disabilities.  I will be out there. – No matter what. – Because I love it. Unconditionally.

So, I am back in the mountains for winter, happy, dizzy, broke and probably just crazy. But I’ll se you out there.  // Ida