Wow. Week 7 is really one of the most hectic weeks in Swedish & Norwegian ski-schools.

I was lucky to work in Trysilguidene Norway with some of the most talented people I know. My weeks was exhausting but so much fun. I believed I was going to teach returning students of mine who asked for me form former seasons, but this year I got a very special request.

My boss told me I was going to guide and instruct a lovely family from London. This family were great skiers to begin with and they were going to ski with me, not only for one hour.. but ALL DAY long(!), EVERY DAY(!) for a WEEK!!!! Man. This is one of the most fun  (but yet challenging) lessons according to me.

Well educated, talented skiers, putting a lot of their holiday and resources into only skiing with you. ( Now that is a honorable mission ) And not only for just a hour, but all day every day.

My first thought was;  What are you going to do with them? what are their demands on you and what are they expecting from this experience ?

You have to pull your focus together  when you have a client like this, to make the week balanced, evolving, professional and fun! – This my friends, is more easy due one hour a day of ski instructing.. but this, to have a client putting in soo much to ski with you ( and believe me its not cheap skiing in ski-school ) , I must say gives you a push in your coaching-abilities to their absolute maximum.  Exciting!

My mind always goes back to one thing- Inspire them. Give them a lifetime experience. Not only with how you instruct and your abilities within skiing but with who you are as a person. How you coach as a Instructor and guide as a adventurous heart with soul. Make them smile, make them push their limits. Give the a golden memory to look back to with joy.

My week was to say, challengeing, but so much fun.

Its rare to have such well evolving students, but one thing is for sure, I was happy, they were happy. Before they left they gave me a envelope..

Ida. Thank you, this week has been one of the best ever. We are so extremely thankful that we got to meet you and we look forward to see you soon again! Let us know if you want to come visit in London!

Here this is for you . // 2000 kr for gratitude //

So thankful. Thats all I can say.

They are happy with their week and thats all I really care about, and they are going to come back to Trysil next year, for the exact same adventure!

Another week gone bye, another week of memory in my heart. I am happy to say I have new friends who are fantastically joyful skiers and I’m hopefully going to visit them in London soon.

Thankful. //

Ida Ruder