Last week I went to Norway because I was asked to judge on the Nordic championships!

I was so stoked to even be part of the competition this year! ( Super exciting! ) The day involved a lot of happenings, good vibes ans talented skiers. Judging slopestyle can be difficult.. but sure hell a lot of fun! It sure is a challenge, to be focused through all qualifying runs and finals! But we sure did deliver that day, both my talented co-workers and all the skiers compeeting that day!





img_7492  img_7493

img_7495 img_7496

We had sun, warm weather and I got to work with some very professional people. So thankful to be part of the event! it all turned out so well and the party in the evening was just the crown-jewel on top of a fantastic day! ( Danced all night long! )


GOOD VIBES! That is what Its all about.

Stay True! // Ida