This year I was invited to Open Klasse.

A event by the Norwegian professional freeskier Klaus Finne. What an amazing event!img_7924

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Okay. So, for those of you guys who dont know what Open Klasse is; Its a redbull sponsored event up in Norway, packed with professional freeskiers and riders, coming together from Norway and all over the world, to shred, compete and have overall good vibe.

Film from the Open Klasse event 2017



The freeskiers that are invited*, are sponsored by Open Klasse with hotell, all inklusive, ski-passes, and so on. ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-06-46


The main idea though, is that normal people can join together for the *Open Klasse* weekend; and shred together with the professional freeskiers around the event.



This weekend was sooo much good vibes. Good people. Its the first time I was invited to Open Klasse and I got to know so many new friends and freeskiers that I’ve never skied with before.

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It was sun , afterski, music, good food, and amazing spring air in Myrkadalen <3

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-04-27I feel so honored to be invited to Open Klasse, and most of all; for having sucha good time with all these new amazing people.

After Voss I continued my roadtripp up to Geilo Springsession. What a park! Such a good way to end spring with. Thankful.



Looking so much forward to next year! Thankyou KLAUS FINNE, Myrkdalen Norway and every single one involved! This is worth living for.

// Ida