I must be honest with you guys.. I am terrible at lifting. I realised It is easy for me to see when someone else does it, to correct right from or wrong.. But for myself ( Daki and me focusing on evolving at PTdistans )

I have for a long time  subconsciously avoided it. I have never done it much because I, like so many others, have been too insecure about the correct teqnique.. However. Once you learn this it becomes madly fun!

( Me reaching down to get into a nice starting spot ) 

There are really some tricks you can use to slowly increase your teqnique and self-esteem around this typ of workout session. The movements are not that hard once you understand how* to move your body, but it is not easy at start. ( And also, As for myself who is a skier with very bad range of motions ( Swedish-> Rörelseomfång – ROM ) I would have to stretch some more to solely focus on my movements.

Another thing few people can handle is the benchpress in arch..

I met Josef at PTdistans and he has got some tips on how you do a Benchpress with arch; really well put of him and I recomend you to watch it.

See ya soon!

// Ida