This weekend we had a lot of interesting discussions. My mind was twisting, like it should with different views and perspective of each others surroudnings.. I had alot of interesting discussions at @ptdistans, where our views on the subject focus came to differ. Being wide open in order to close stable again, without excluding the potential for growth. As in life, things fall apart in order to fall back toghether. We believe and see alot, and tend to focus on the big parts only, the main things that capture our attention. But what if we started to listen to those small details.. and tiny ends of where all big things begin.. ? The entire chain of why things are the way they are start to fall together. If, if we start to see where the start of the entire movement in our living truly lies.  A small inch of a movement in the righ direction, can cause a after effect of a tremendous meaning.  Dont only look at the obvoius. Look for the smal details that creates the why* it is so.

/ Ida