“Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.”

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In new workout article with Karitraa

Hey Guys!

Check out the new leg-workout program on Karitraas magazine!

More stuff is to come… Super excited for summer!!!

Link to article on Karitraa Magazine with Ida Ruder

Soon, after I have finished up all my work in Stockholm im heading off on a adventure to Greece to sail across the ocean for 14 days… Wihooo! so totally looking forward to it. I really need vacation from all the adrenaline and adventureing days. Stay tuned… You dont want to miss this.

Stay true

/ Ida *

Coaching Hidden skills

Hey Guys! Here is the complete setup of the 3 video vlogs from the girls camp we had in Oppdal this winter. 3 days, 37 girls and tons of fun!


Stay wild, stay true!

// Ida

Holding a Training tour throughout Sweden!


As you might have heard through my Instagram… Im holding a Urban Training Tour through the entire Country! Holy shit. This thing is huge!

kt_ut_some_1200x600_swe_b(Photographer; Gustav Torstensson)

9 of swedens biggest cities, 100 ladies on each even and Im coaching and Leading 24 extra personal trainers throughout Sweden to help me on every event that Im leading. ( Its not a easy task, but sure hell a damn fun one! )

This is with the main-sponsores Karitraa & Sportamore. ( WOW ). Inkluding some external sponsors as Garmin Denmark, Vitamine well & Barebells.

This Journey is crazy, we are getting soo much positive responses from this and it makes me overjoyed to be able to affect such large group of women to a happier healthier lifestyle. I mean, wow, what more can you ask?

We are going all in, and by the look of the outcome and feedbacks.. we a doing something good and really appreciated here. <3 So thankful!

I’ll post more videos and photos soon, that is a promise, when the whole job is done I will have some more time to post more parts and insight info of the Journey with my crew throguhout the country. My days with exhastion and messy hair.. to karaoke singing in the car and adrenaline filled workout events with some inspiring powerful beautiful women.

img_0087img_0089 img_0092 img_0093

These are the things I love to do. Inspire others in a way that is true. Its rare these days.. but once you reach out to human beings and connect with them in a real way, that makes them feel connected to you, it never goes away.

Thankful that Karitraa and Sportamore puts their faith in me leading this. The projekt, the Tour and all the events. I am honored, and so excited to make this the best shit ever. See you soon! Stay tuned.

Keep rockin’ and stay true!

// Ida

Article with Sportamore Magazine

Hey guys! I was asked to do an intervju with Sportamore Magazine!

I am superexcited!

I dont generally speak up about things like this, becuase I know it can easily sound selfcentered. I am just really happy, and just felt like I really needed to share this one with you guys. Feeling happy that Sportamore supports what I stand for and found my lifestyle and ideas interesting enough to lift it up to the world.18426533_10211135542519107_32484365_o

SO! some more interesting news is that I will this summer hold in a Urban Training Tour for women. In collaboration with Karitraa and now Sportamore, there will be a Urban Training Tour. The Tour will go throughout entire Sweden, 9 cities, with 100 women on each event. The concept will be fun outdoors training for women, with urban feeling, to lift them up and have fun with the concept of outdoors training. To make training fun, to let go of performance anxiety, body ideals, and just have fun together! Some girlpower, and every single girl and woman is welcome!

More info about the events in the link below;


So, By lifitng eachother up we will move forward. By inspiring others, and eachother we will grow and become the best we can be. Just who we are, as we are.

Helping those who need it as best we can. Lift people up. It can be anyone. Your friend, your mother or brother. A stranger on the street. Inspire people around you to be the peak of themselves. Not as everyone else but as yourself!

Let every human being be who they are, let them shine in their own way, on their own path throug life, and dont find defeat in others success.. find inspiration. Find a way to create your own way. And dont ever let anyone tell you, how and what you should be. You are the queen or king over your life. Dont let anyone make you- or even try to convince you otherwise.

If people follow their own hearts, if they glow through what they love and bloom out as  who they are as people. Without judgement and hatred. There is beauty and joy around. Love is found in honesty and truth. Authenticity and openminded vibes.

Be yourself. Stay true and give good energy to people around you. Give. Change your world by enpowering and giving others that spark you have inside, help them bloom. It makes people change, that little spark.. and the world becomes a better place.  Together, we can make people live, believe in themselves, and love just as they are. Help each other grow and share. Believe in one another.

Spread the spark you have inside, like the wings of a butterfly, It will sooner or later, change the world.

// Ida *

Girls Day Out 2017

This year I was hosting the event of Girls Day out with InspireUs at Åre ski resort Sweden.

MAN This years event went MAD! We had the total og 60 girls!!! Out shredding toghether. And I was coaching skiing in the park that day. Man what a day. We had such girlpower where women together learned new stuff and pushed each other. GOOD VIBES. Food, hangout and new friends. I am so happy that I could be there to coach ind Inspire some of them and I am extremely overjoyed that the event has had such wonderful turnout and grown so much!

I wont talk so much more about it.. I WANT TO SEE YOU THERE NEXT YEAR!


Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy, and smile!


17546799_1224064261043668_6806365773465232468_o17545182_1224063347710426_9086115958781723922_o 17546646_1224063751043719_4157379545322956629_o


17492941_1224063074377120_5944820678809473473_o 17505196_1224061811043913_6831187940228163423_o17435981_1224065274376900_1207316265927432295_o17505285_1224061887710572_2707253416134260915_o17434803_1224062411043853_5561883563640851586_o17505325_1224064847710276_3531712894176702010_o17504967_1224065447710216_8521159029705420138_o   17493098_1224063201043774_4655269429121448873_o17505054_1224061721043922_7169684708885220926_o17545129_1224062091043885_7613533011834295716_o17434486_1224062867710474_7612651246864518749_o17505174_1224061984377229_3013442023719504462_o

This year, we had so much good vibes and girlpower I can not even explain it in words. Amazing, awesome girls, and wonderful hangout! I could not be more happy about the event!


Remember, Be yourself, keep pushing your boundaries, and stay true!

// Ida

Snowmobile skiing expedition

Hey guys!

We did something truly rad this season, we headed out skiing untouched mountains on snowmobiles! #BADASS!

We got opportunity to shred with snow-mobiles beyond the mountains off Stöten. Gear, cameras, powder, and fast-as crusing on the mountains.

We had a drone, and some awesome conditions. I tried to jump with the snow-mobile and is was scary as shit, but fun.

We Were out the entire Afternoon, shooting, skiing, and shredding with some awesome heavy machines.


Thanks so much to Stöten skoter for sponsring us with gear and guiding, We had an adventure and an edit of this is on the way!

We had a true adventure, and some more from it you will see soon on the Vlogg and Instgram! ( More is headed this way, wait and see! 😉 )

Remember to have fun, & Stay true!

// Ida



This year I was invited to Open Klasse.

A event by the Norwegian professional freeskier Klaus Finne. What an amazing event!img_7924

 img_7783   ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-17-52-26

Okay. So, for those of you guys who dont know what Open Klasse is; Its a redbull sponsored event up in Norway, packed with professional freeskiers and riders, coming together from Norway and all over the world, to shred, compete and have overall good vibe.

Film from the Open Klasse event 2017



The freeskiers that are invited*, are sponsored by Open Klasse with hotell, all inklusive, ski-passes, and so on. ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-06-46


The main idea though, is that normal people can join together for the *Open Klasse* weekend; and shred together with the professional freeskiers around the event.



This weekend was sooo much good vibes. Good people. Its the first time I was invited to Open Klasse and I got to know so many new friends and freeskiers that I’ve never skied with before.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-08-52 ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-10-52 ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-08-23

It was sun , afterski, music, good food, and amazing spring air in Myrkadalen <3

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-06-12-kl-18-04-27I feel so honored to be invited to Open Klasse, and most of all; for having sucha good time with all these new amazing people.

After Voss I continued my roadtripp up to Geilo Springsession. What a park! Such a good way to end spring with. Thankful.



Looking so much forward to next year! Thankyou KLAUS FINNE, Myrkdalen Norway and every single one involved! This is worth living for.

// Ida


International blades day event

Hey Guys!

Went to Åre a couple of weeks ago, a edit from the girls event ”Girls day out ” is in the making

( while I was there I managed to get a little adventurous trip to the famous Waterfall in north Sweden with Photographer: Rebecca Johansson ) Beautiful trip!


Trysil delivered beautiful skiing this Easter ( and some afterskiing😜 ) 🐣

(Good people, good vibes!!!) But then I had to return to Kläppen ski, Sälen,  My home resort to shred the last days before closure.

img_6986img_7641 img_6995img_7536

Yesturday the event Of International Blades day went down in Lindvallen ski resort! Wow what a day. Hundreds of skiers in the park, smiling and laughing. Sunny weather and amazing vibes! ( unfortunaltely I didnt get so many photos during the skiing..but awesome afterskiing! )

Me and my buddy Joel decided to have pizza in the snow on top of the Mountain, a awesome decision!


The weekend is coming up. Tomorrrow me and A.J Tysseland,  ( one of the most Awesome female skiers I know ) are going to Tandådalen to shred before we head of to Trysil, and then participating in the Nitro fun weekend event the following days! going to be MAD fun! Looking forward to It.


Ill update you guys soon with pictures and film from upcoming events!  Se ya soon!


Stay true!

/ Ida

Photoshoot with Skistar Trysil

Heeyyy guys!

 Some week ago I stayed in Trysil Norway after Nordic Championships to ski the Trysil snow park, and do a fun morning photoshoot for Skistar Trysil with Ola Matsson.


We we went out 07.00 in the morning to get the first couple of runs all alone on the mountain. Sun was going up and we had the blue sky and fierce wind to play with. ALL ALONE!

Mad FUN! Here are some of the pictures and the best ones ended up on Trysil’s social media and Skistarsnowparks instagram.

img_6984  img_6986      img_6992 img_6993 img_6995 img_6988


Ola is a wonderful photographer and I am honored to ski and photoshoot with him. We had a lot of fun !

Now Im back in Kläppen ski to film with My homies. Slush week coming up!!!

Stay tuned for Snapchat stories or Ill see ya there!


Stay True

// Ida

Judge in Nordic championships


Last week I went to Norway because I was asked to judge on the Nordic championships!

I was so stoked to even be part of the competition this year! ( Super exciting! ) The day involved a lot of happenings, good vibes ans talented skiers. Judging slopestyle can be difficult.. but sure hell a lot of fun! It sure is a challenge, to be focused through all qualifying runs and finals! But we sure did deliver that day, both my talented co-workers and all the skiers compeeting that day!





img_7492  img_7493

img_7495 img_7496

We had sun, warm weather and I got to work with some very professional people. So thankful to be part of the event! it all turned out so well and the party in the evening was just the crown-jewel on top of a fantastic day! ( Danced all night long! )


GOOD VIBES! That is what Its all about.

Stay True! // Ida





Two weeks gone by like crazy.
I was asked to go up to Oppdal Norway to coach the Girl Inspiration-event Of Hidden skills.
30 Girls, 3 days, and amazing happy conditions!!!
I was so happy to get the opportunity to go up to Oppdal with Ann-Jorun Tysseland, Norwegian Freeskier, and Birgitte Oakland, and
Inspire a whole bunch of young girls to push their limits and believe in themselves.

( If you are interested in reading more about Hidden Skills )

30 Young women, of all ages, came together to have fun and evolve on skis in park and freeriding.
Im overjoyed when I see young girls growing and becoming more and more secure for each hour , having fun together supporting one another. This is what I’m supporting and standing for. Not only in Skiing, but in everything.
Young women, and girls, need to start seeing their abilities and possibilities, and not their limitations. Have courage to do it, believe they can do something, that they are good enough and absolutely amazing just by being who they are.


Going to start Video-blogging about my adventure and lifestyle, and thought this event was the perfect start off!
Did a little YouTube video-blogg from the trip and event. Only first episode out, but
A longer and more interesting 2:nd and 3:d video is on the way!

img_6389Now Im on my way back home to Kläppen ski resort. Going to meet up with some friends for Swedish Championchip, Repack my bag, and head off on another adventure.
Next up >>>
•Swedish championships in Kläppen,
• Next week up to Åre to coach on GIRLS DAY OUT with InspireUs. Gonna coach 60 rad girls in Åre, and I am truly looking forward to It! Hope I’ll see you there ladies!
• Filming in Åre due w.13 and then head back to Sälen for a movie project and slush week!
• Extreme scooter freeriding in powder.
• Film for Stöten ski resort.
…. more is to come , I’ll update you later!
Hope you are enjoying your winter and making the best out of your life being who you are!
Spread the Love, & stay True!
// Ida *

Coaching a Women-only group in Stöten

This week I made It back from a sore broke body to actually do som real fun work. ( feeding on painkillers though.. ) I had the opportunist to coach a group Group Of girls-only in Stöten Mountain. Had so much fun coaching a group Of happy ladies from All over Sweden to cross there bounderies in skiing and become more self-confindent and happy. Pow shreddin-chicks that are always eager to learn more are the best!!!

Läs mer

GirlsdayOut coming up

Soon GirlsDayOut is coming up! COME join up with the rest of the girls up in Åre for a awesome weekend. Keep your eyes open for a day full of girl power and fun adventure coaching!

// Coach Ida


12662495_868241606625937_4109182257636725388_n 12973288_918483654935065_6859618784190580624_o

A close to death moment…

Last wedensday I experienced something truly scary..

I was in a awful accident, and it was not on skis. But in a car.

I was In a car accident.

One morning on my way to the mountain, the road was so icy and deceiving and I lost control of the car in a curve. Drifting in high speed I tried to maneuver it but I realized pretty soon I had no chance. I couldn’t stop it..  My car crashed into the side of the road. The big snow-wall became like a giant ramp in which the car flew up in the air , making it spin and flipp around.

Mid-air my mind went through a thousand thoughts.. Was I going to break to pieces? Will my car smash into me? Will I get scars in my face from the glass shatter exploding form the broken windows…. ?  Oh my god..  I better just hold my breath and hope for the best.. Intensively I held my breath… And it all went dark.17193796_10210535852087221_1690941844_o

Crash-landing upside-down offroad, my mind went blank for a moment. I came back to reality realizing I was hanging from the seat of my crashed car. I was stuck. Hanging upside down, breathing heavily while trying to grasp for my conscious state of mind,  checking my body to see if I was okay.

I didn’t know what to do first, for my heart was pounding so hard I could hardly hear my reasonable thinking.

I detached myself from my seat, falling onto the roof of my car. One side was completed blocked so I had to crawl out onto the other side, managing to kick my door open and get myself out.

Breath. Im ok.

The weird thing was that the very first thing I was thinking clearly after the crash was: I am going to miss my first ski-lesson today!? I  have to get there as soon as possible!!! ( HAHAH )

Two ski-theatchers stopped on the road to work, and so kindly helped me to dial 112. Soon the ambulance arrived and I was taken to the closest hospital for internal bleedings. The day went by and I was completely bruised, but  I could return home. My head was aking.. and my neck was in whiplash pain.. but I was ok a.k.a No internal bleedings.

I am so thankful for the super professional team. The ambulance, the helpful doctors holding my hand all the way to the hospital.. the fire-men helping getting my stuff out and taking me to the ambulance .. everyone that helped out. These people, those everyday heroes, deserve so much more for the job they do. They truly make a difference and I was so impressed by the professional standard and security they provided at this time. I just want to say to you, thank you. Thank you. 

As for driving… I want to reach out. To all of you. Driving may seem like a stroll in the park, some days it is.. but it is still very dangerous. I myself is a example of that something so very little takes, drive a little bit too fast.. or as to lose focus for one second, is all it takes to end up in a disaster.

To all of you that use your cellphones, what if something happens because of that tiny little unimportant moment? What if you slam into another family car and there is a little girl inside not having her seatbelt on ? or as for myself, what if you have your skis loose in the backseat of your car. Its not much you need to authorize those metal babes to become lethal blades, cutting through anything and everything in a crash.

I really do hope, that you, sooner than me realize how important it is to be careful. I don’t consider myself a careless driver but still I ended up like this… So what about all of those people out in the traffic, that are not realizing the danger of carelessness? Those that do not understand the danger of using cellphones. Or how important it is keep the speed down, just a notch, on days when ice is covering our roads. Remind each other.  Its not worth the risk, and even if you do think that risk is worth to be taken. Its not only your own life you are risking.

I had a guarding angel that day, and I hope none of you will end up in the same seat as I did.. ( haha )

But please, be careful, have second tought..

Take care of each other, for you never know when something unpredictable might happen… And drive safe.

// Ida Ruder

Ski-school week of the year

Wow. Week 7 is really one of the most hectic weeks in Swedish & Norwegian ski-schools.

I was lucky to work in Trysilguidene Norway with some of the most talented people I know. My weeks was exhausting but so much fun. I believed I was going to teach returning students of mine who asked for me form former seasons, but this year I got a very special request.

My boss told me I was going to guide and instruct a lovely family from London. This family were great skiers to begin with and they were going to ski with me, not only for one hour.. but ALL DAY long(!), EVERY DAY(!) for a WEEK!!!! Man. This is one of the most fun  (but yet challenging) lessons according to me.

Well educated, talented skiers, putting a lot of their holiday and resources into only skiing with you. ( Now that is a honorable mission ) And not only for just a hour, but all day every day.

My first thought was;  What are you going to do with them? what are their demands on you and what are they expecting from this experience ?

You have to pull your focus together  when you have a client like this, to make the week balanced, evolving, professional and fun! – This my friends, is more easy due one hour a day of ski instructing.. but this, to have a client putting in soo much to ski with you ( and believe me its not cheap skiing in ski-school ) , I must say gives you a push in your coaching-abilities to their absolute maximum.  Exciting!

My mind always goes back to one thing- Inspire them. Give them a lifetime experience. Not only with how you instruct and your abilities within skiing but with who you are as a person. How you coach as a Instructor and guide as a adventurous heart with soul. Make them smile, make them push their limits. Give the a golden memory to look back to with joy.

My week was to say, challengeing, but so much fun.

Its rare to have such well evolving students, but one thing is for sure, I was happy, they were happy. Before they left they gave me a envelope..

Ida. Thank you, this week has been one of the best ever. We are so extremely thankful that we got to meet you and we look forward to see you soon again! Let us know if you want to come visit in London!

Here this is for you . // 2000 kr for gratitude //

So thankful. Thats all I can say.

They are happy with their week and thats all I really care about, and they are going to come back to Trysil next year, for the exact same adventure!

Another week gone bye, another week of memory in my heart. I am happy to say I have new friends who are fantastically joyful skiers and I’m hopefully going to visit them in London soon.

Thankful. //

Ida Ruder

Golden Days in Kläppen – Photoshoot Easything Media


Been back home in Kläppen for a couple of weeks, skiing and hangin with friends. I’m back working as a ski instrucor when I am requested. ( absolutely love it, and a specially when people have so much fun that they specifically ask for your coaching over and over again. ) rest of my time I ski, and live well. Meet a lot of people and road trip.

Went out one day in the sunshine and did a little fun shoot session with Easything Media. The sun was amazing and got some dazzling photos. My skiing was not on top that day.. but the day was awesome!

img_5590 img_5591

img_5588img_5592 img_5593 img_5594 img_5596 img_5597 img_5598 img_5599 img_5600 img_5601


Can’t deny I love it here in Kläppen. Thanx Joakim Björklind for the photos, and the guys for a fun day.

// Ida Ruder

Somewhere beneath the stars

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, but after you climb a mountain its usually worth it.

IMG_5219Before you get there there will be dark times. Life is a beautiful messy caos. Injuries, misslead paths and rivers impossible to cross. You just have to find another way. Faaar longer and harder then you ever anticipated.

People are afraid of themselves, of their own reality; They are scared because the do not know where their dreams will take them, they are scared of what they cannot controle. But what if thats is okay?

Some things arenot menat to be controlled, or understood. The same goes for people. Some people back off because they are afraid of the unknown. I am not. I want to live out every last inch of life I can. And this menas that at some points you are going to be the only one that continues down a path where everyone else has turnes around.. But the truth is it doesnt even matter.

I am a messy impefect caotic mess, I can confess that. But I am trying to live my every single inch of freedom in my heart. That is who I amn. Just simple lika that. Unbound to anything but my mad dreams. This is scary to some, because they cannot contole it. I do what I feel like, and am who I am without seeking validation from society. I’d rather stand alone if that gave me access to following my own mind and my own heart. Because thats the only way I can find my way beneith the stars. Free. Is to be me. Do what my* heart wants to do. Some people do not understand this, and they get scared of what they yet do not understand and even less, are unable to controle. I know I am unpredictable and stubborn, but like any skier, or person passionate about something, I would’t let that stop me.

12591935_10156396513860623_1670528608_o Photo: Sophie Odelberg

All I know is that despite the struggles I will come across, me heart belongs to the mad adventures of a wild heart. I will live my own way.  You won’t always find me and you won’t always hear from me. You are not always  gonna know where I am or where I am going, ( I might not even know this myslef at all times.. )  but one thing is for sure,

You will always find me somewhere bentween the snow and the stars.

// Ida Ruder

To simply just do what you Love

Oops.. well, I quit my job. Now I am in the mountains on skis. I returned back home to Sälen to do what I love. I dont care.

How do you put this nicely to your manager?…
: I quit because I want to play around on snow every day like a kindergartener?!?
( -basically doing nothing more but play, smile like an idiot, laugh, and hang out with friends. ( or just by yourself with music in your ears ) And be happy about life.

I just want to live with with my heart and my freedomlife. And I don’t care what anyone else thinks of that

Once I quit  I left very next day, leaving Stockholm behind for the mountains. No one knew, and I didn’t tell anyone. So I’m sorry for some of my colleagues and friends I didn’t mention my departure…but I am back in my cabin in the mountains now and I’m probably staying for good.

So basically I am staying for the rest of the season now. I couldn’t bare being without skiing, or the mountains even though I planned to take this winter more slow and save money for upcoming winters, plans and projects.
– I planned on staying as a air hostess for a little while Longer, because it was fun and a amazing(!) job, but then I woke up one morning 2 weeks ago and realized this I cannot do..

The heart in you tells you what it really wants. Because honestly? .. I can do anything to have my skiing, I can live alone, work double up or take any job just to have my time on the mountain. Even though my knees are in pain and my head is dizzy, despite my level of teqnique or disabilities.  I will be out there. – No matter what. – Because I love it. Unconditionally.

So, I am back in the mountains for winter, happy, dizzy, broke and probably just crazy. But I’ll se you out there.  // Ida

“Stay wild, Live free.”

Flying the world.

Hi again!

Its been a while since my last update. Winter is coming!  Summer went by quickly and except focusing on rehabilitation of the injury, I have been basically all over the world.

This summer I have focused on living here and now, wich is why I have taken a paus from everything, But from now on I plan on going back to the blogging again.

Recap of summer

I love to fly ( haha ) and this summer I have worked as a airhostess on SAS scandinavian airlines. Crazyhuh?!


I have done some hiking in the mountains, sailing and travelling.

15540177_10209826171865659_1638359855_o15595855_10209826172145666_885337543_o13932272_1139114359483117_181795183_o15556233_10209825822536926_742580669_o15556175_10209825822336921_1563540565_o15556257_10209826171785657_1955253538_o15556353_10209826172505675_140582004_o15556393_10209826171825658_1757393667_o15536945_10209825821936911_1487829965_o15555446_10209826172465674_1002017509_o15556233_10209825822536926_742580669_o15571332_10209825777335796_1913076913_n15556244_10209825822736931_338852910_o15555594_10209826170865634_897687168_o 15556557_10209825777895810_510858033_o13987718_1139114102816476_1493426820_o15555822_10209826170705630_1302667953_n 13950532_1139091412818745_1881325708_o 13950910_1139077689486784_2143126268_o 13950981_1139107176150502_1813837100_o

New things are headed up this way. I’ve started this new blog  ( not yet done but Im still learning 😉 )  I plan on expanding it as the year goes along.  A new developeing project is in the run in Stockholm! Big plans. The goal is to inspire next generation young minds to live their dreams and reach their potential, more updates as things start to roll later this year.


My year has been crazy, but now that winter is here and skiing is around the corner I feel like I can breathe again. Soon ill be home shredding the mountain and then everything will be at its place.

I am finally coming back home to the mountains where I belong. Excited about what this year ( and winter ) adventure has in store. See you there.

// Ida

Back to Stockholm

Coming home to Stockholm a week ago was both fun and sad. I wish I could have joined up with all my friends in Riksgränsen this may, for the North big mountain championship and some backcountry skiing. Unfortunately my head was against me and I chose to start me rehabilitation early, to preserve my current state of injury and not make further mistakes.

I took my car and made a long roadtrip from north of sweden, Åre, To Kläppen ski, and then back to Stockholm. My goal is to get away on a mindfulness holiday now, to land and feel better within everything- both physically and mentally.

Happy to be home, for now I can actually start focusing on next winter instead of trying to hold myself back from my skiing.

To all my friends shredding in Gränsen, good job, have fun , and we’ll see each other soon!
// I

Back in Åre!

Back in Åre!
Freeride weekend it it. Last week of skiing, since Sälen and Kläppen is now Closed. Happy to meet up with all friends coming together up here.
( Pictures from last week coaching on GirlsDayout, and reunited with friends in Åre)

Kim Boberg session

Once we hit the road back in Kläppen we stopped by Kims place.

And the next day we were welcome to go hangout at Kim Boberg session ( 😀 )
Skoter, motorcross, ski and snowboard session at the same time! Awesome combo and inspiring to see.
Kläppen is at its best these days! Thank you Kim!

// IDA

On the road – Picked up a x-game gansters on the way.

Roadtripp continues.
We decided to go from Cretion nation in Björnrike, to Norway. But this time we didn’t roadtripp alone.
On the gained +2 gangsters along the way.  Ahmed Dadali, ( Real talented x-game street skier ) and Benny, from US.
They so bad wanted to come with to see more of Sweden and evntually come with us back to Kläppen ( my home mountain – For  the private event of Kim Boberg session ). The car was so stuffed with equipment that one could barely move back there! Haha, but we managed to bring these two outlanders with us on our ongoing adventure!
MAN WE HAD FUN! These two have the best sense of humor, and our 2 days off to Norway and then Sweden was built on laughter, fishing, exploring and just having a good time.
( we taught them how to say *Im gansgter in Swedish* , wich was most hilaroius thing I’ve heard in a long time! ( See the Instagram video update!!! )
HAHA, Soo awesome to meet u guys, Happy that you asked to join, and we’ll see each other soon on adventure again!!!!!!!!
// IDA

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