This is a page for open refelctions and inspiration through life: goals, mindsets, inspiring texts, to guide and increase the value & the possabilities we see in ourselves.

( And sometimes just humble reflections from me. )

♥ VÅGA ♥

To have courage. To allow yourself to be scared. Lost, uncomfortable, small. All the time look for keys to master the art of being comfortable feeling uncomfortable. For we never grow when staying within our safe hidden walls. We have to challenge; try, fail, fail better, learn to learn through failing. Believeing in ourselves even when we doubt. That is when we will find ourselves, at the places we know ourselves the least. That is what grows success. That is how we will learn to master our wild untamed hearts, and know them in every hidden valt and arterie.

To be humble but strong. To be kind but fair. To be scared & brave. We are who we are and out thoughts and scares do not define us. Others do not define us. Even our little mind-ghosts, that we refer to as our inner voices sometimes, are not what defines us.

We have to learn to see our true hearts, to listen to it. We never will if surrounded by noise, voices, and opinoins. Undress yourslef naked. When your logic, and selfcenter is no longer present, where its just you and you are humble to your inner true self. It is uncompfortable because we will be scared, but this is where you get to know thyself.

Are you easily discouraged ?

Here is a human being who:

Failed in business ‘ 31

Again failed in business ’34

Sweetheart died ’35

Had nervous breakdown ’36

Defeated in election ’38

Defeated for congress ’43

Defeated for congress ’46

Defeated for congress ’48

Defeated for senate ’55

Elected for president ’60

This man was Abraham Lincoln


Rule 1# 

Fuck what they think.


Your nothing if your not the truth.

Really good with financial benefits.. its nice.. you can get a lot of shoes… and lovely food on fancy restaurants in the city. To those of you who have that, Its amazing.
Is that is very fulfilling? We might understand that its not very fulfilling.. But living a life of substance is. Substance through service.. your offering of your whole self, that baseline whatever is the truth for you, what do you stand for? Substance. Is living a life thats true for you.

You might say; I have achieved this and this with my life, and I want to define that this very specific achievement is going to be my greatest legacy.
I really think this* is going to be my greatest legacy.

– You, have no idea.. whats going to be your greatest legacy..

And you say: But!.. I have achieeved this.. and.. this and this and this…

– It is not about that.

your legacy is, every life you’ve touched..
your legacy, is every life you’ve touched.

Feel, Everything with love, because every moment,
you, are building your legacy.


This is a very interesting subject. I came across this subject again a week ago sitting in a summer bar i beautiful south Sweden Varberg. We started discussing the way people view on relationships. And the way we view oursleves in this matter.

People ask me,quite frequently, girl. why are you not in a relationship? I cant believe you are single .. ( are your crazy or something?  ) Haha and the first answer is yes.. I am crazy. I do whatever I want and I believe I am superwoman who can achieve anything she puts her mind to do.. but! that not the point right now 😉 ) That is not why Im not in a relationship.

My friends say; I am shocked you are not in a relationship.. ? How  about this guy you met, and that guy, that that other guy?

And I answere;  Why are you asking me this?
Will I seem more succesful to you if I did? and more desired if I tell you Im in a relationship?
Because if that is your answer, I will be sadly supriced and say that It will define you more, than it will define me, in your mindset and view of success rather than the truth, and picture of success in reality.

Have you ever been in a relationship, and been completely miserable?
Do you have a friend who’s been in a relationship and been completely miserable?
Would you want to take that friends place? no.
See, its not the relationship status itself that determines if we are lucky and happy, but the quality of the relationships with the people we surround us with.

Would you want to be in a miserable relationship yourself, just, for the social status to say; You are in a relationship ?* I hope your answer is no, because you should always respect yourself enough to allow nothing less than what provides you happiness.

My response to you will be: If Im in a relationship or not, doesn’t matter. Because I value myself to the level where I settle for nothing less than what actually makes me truly happy. What this means, concrete, is neither important. I will make choices, where I will have a life that only contains what I deserve and nothing less. I will not settle for something that is not the best for me*. And therefor I cannot measure my level of happiness, on my relationship-status on Facebook.

I will not settle for less than I deserve even though there is not enough quality around, even tough there is no guy that is man enough, to handle the lifestyle and love that I live & give. I will not put myself in a unmatched, miserable relationship because it makes me look good, or gives me a status symbol, the society has so eagerly has created today.
I. will. not. compromise. my. value. in. life.

And I think no woman should do. Love yourself. Respect thyself enough to allow nothing less than what makes you happy. Don’t just settle.. or through yourself at someone, even though its the best shit you can find right now because your should never measure your standards by only comparing whats around you right now. Take your standards, uncompromised, and stick to em, and don’t you dare change those values just because reality right now happen to be less then what you deserve.

Now some of you argue with me and say; But what if Im not happy alone? What if all I want is be in a relationship? Its the best thing in the world, having a man, love and on it goes..

Yes. It is the best thing in the world, if, you are with someone that is good enough for you*. If someone is not enough for you as a partner, lover, or whatever type of relationship there is between you; It is NOT worth your time and investment. You will only end up feeling miserable or valued for less than what you are.

We so easily get blinded with the small world that happen to be around us right now, and somehow its seems to be the only thing people can see.
Would you have the same values if you’d not compare, influence, and take in so much opinion and value from everything that is around you?

Okay. So to get to the point. If, you feel, and still argue with me on this point that I should be with someone because it makes me happy… I would say that you have a incapacity of being on your own. You should embrace life and be able to live it fully without having to have a partner. ( Ofcourse, sex can be a sensetive subject because we kind of need it to survive In todays stressful society.. but it doenst have to be a problem. )

You should not put your love of yourself, and the value of selfworth in somebody elses hands.
As you might have heard before, you must love yourself to love someone else. ( I think this is not fully true because you truly can love others more than yourself, but still true, you have to know your selfworth and love who you are. Because otherwise, I would say, you are not fit to be in a relationship either. If you are partners, you are partners in crime and thats 2 people. 2 individuals with selfworth, love and opinion, that together build a team equally endulging.

So, my qestion to you in never, Why* are you not in a relationship, but rather ; are you in a relationship ? and are you happy?

// Ida