“Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.”

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Event for STADIUM Join the movement

This is totally Rad.

On friday I holding a event on Urban Delis Rooftop, for bloggers and influencers invited but Stadium through social media, for a pre-winter leg-workout on the peak of Stockholm City. I have so much fun mad things planned! And afterwards its gonna be afterski/afterworkout with great food from Urban Deli, drinks, music and mingel. 

All my ladies invited are going to get a lovely whool-workout shirt to bring with home ( My favourite one for both skiing and working out )

So madly looking forward to it! Watch out on Stadiums & Karitraas social media and instgrams, (and ofcourse my instagram and social media! ) Fillmers and photographers will be there so soon after we will release a video on Stadiums channels!

Lets hit it!!! For some of you, I will see you there! ♦

// Ida Ruder

Personal Training, sharing & caring

Personal training – Teambuilding

My time here has been the best, I found so much joy in the meetings and relations I built with these people. Somehow these past months past by so quickly ? What do you do?

I guess its a sign you have had fun. And that is what its all about in the end, isn’t it?

To just live. We did. PTdistans, my friends, and partners in Crime.. Ill see you soon again. Now Im off to Croatia to sail acrosss the ocean..  Its gonna be MAD! ♥ (  Ill be back soon I promise.. and we shall all meet again! And work our buts off! )

Wish me luck, thankyou and see you soon!

// Ida ♦

Not only fysically strong, but also mentally

Working out. To me this is not only getting fit and strong, its about teatching you body and soul to do what has to be done, when you say so. It’s about pushing yourself to achieve what you put your mind to do. For every victory, you mind and strenght becomes stronger. You do what you decide and you dont stop until you reach your finish line. That is power of one self.

I know a lot of people who are strong, hard training and working out, is to me a different way of empowering the very existance of who you are, you abilities, and what you know you can achieve in the future with the spirit of your heart and the sword of you ambitions.

At PTdistans, I found a lot of new faces that are now closer to my heart. Team mates that I can work with and grow with, see things differently with. Discuss and grow. During the past weeks I haven’t had the amount of exercise I know my body needs.. I have had so much work to do.. but I grow in the awareness of learning more, achieveing more that makes the lack of all you want worth it.


Weekend exercises

I know I get a serious face when Im focusing. But focus is what it takes to develope for real. Both in physical activity and in mind.

This weekend was hectic. I have had way too much on my hands.. but, loved our discussions as PTdistans. Somehow, even though we are all tired at points,  we remains energized to focus on every single thing.

Next week we have alot to do, Nutrition and biological factors that affect our ability to build strenght & muscle for example.. or even more so; how to lose weight? A topic very few of us in todays modern society understands..Looking forward to!

// Ida

Beauty and endless (im)perfection

Today, women are bombarded with messages about unrealistic standards of beauty.  The quest for perfection has backfired.

You know I have said this before.


It does not contribute positively to women’s lives. Right now, more than eight out of ten Nordic women feel uncomfortable with their own body. And the majority find themselves doubting their own potential and worth, because they can’t live up to an unattainable beauty ideal.

This has a negative impact on the lives of many women and in the worst scenarios exercise turns into an obsession, enjoying food becomes impossible and choosing the right outfit is a nightmare. Reality is that women come in many shapes and sizes. And that’s a relief. Because the world would be so boring if we all looked alike. I believe that daring to stand out from the crowd and being our own colorful self is the way forward.

I want women to liberate themselves from unreasonable expectations to beauty, exercise and appearance.

Because no matter the size of your thighs or the width of your waist, the distance you run or your diet, I believe that you are best fit to pursue your goals and live your life. Celebrate your own goals and what you accomplish. Celebrate your friends and family. Celebrate your body. Celebrate your mind. Celebrate YOURSELF. ♥

// Ida

Workout: Lifting is harder/and easier than you think*


I must be honest with you guys.. I am terrible at lifting. I realised It is easy for me to see when someone else does it, to correct right from or wrong.. But for myself ( Daki and me focusing on evolving at PTdistans )

I have for a long time  subconsciously avoided it. I have never done it much because I, like so many others, have been too insecure about the correct teqnique.. However. Once you learn this it becomes madly fun!

( Me reaching down to get into a nice starting spot ) 

There are really some tricks you can use to slowly increase your teqnique and self-esteem around this typ of workout session. The movements are not that hard once you understand how* to move your body, but it is not easy at start. ( And also, As for myself who is a skier with very bad range of motions ( Swedish-> Rörelseomfång – ROM ) I would have to stretch some more to solely focus on my movements.

Another thing few people can handle is the benchpress in arch..

I met Josef at PTdistans and he has got some tips on how you do a Benchpress with arch; really well put of him and I recomend you to watch it.

See ya soon!

// Ida


Don’t only look at the abvious, see the details


This weekend we had a lot of interesting discussions. My mind was twisting, like it should with different views and perspective of each others surroudnings.. I had alot of interesting discussions at @ptdistans, where our views on the subject focus came to differ. Being wide open in order to close stable again, without excluding the potential for growth. As in life, things fall apart in order to fall back toghether. We believe and see alot, and tend to focus on the big parts only, the main things that capture our attention. But what if we started to listen to those small details.. and tiny ends of where all big things begin.. ? The entire chain of why things are the way they are start to fall together. If, if we start to see where the start of the entire movement in our living truly lies.  A small inch of a movement in the righ direction, can cause a after effect of a tremendous meaning.  Dont only look at the obvoius. Look for the smal details that creates the why* it is so.

/ Ida


Not a have to, but a possibility #Toocoolforschool?

You know, when I was younger.. I hated school. It made me sick to my stomach to sit around all day  long doing things other* people had decidede for me to do. I found it ridiculous. My head has always been stubborn, and when it didn’t consider something important my mind intended to block that shit away. ( I am still the same to this day but it would be inapropriate of me as a grown-up to admit so. )

Anyway, I think the same goes for life. We tend to listen and learn from all the things we, ourselves, consider important and we block the rest out. I think there are a lot of good things about this, but is also bad. It makes our minds possibility for growth decrease intensively. But that is now a whole different subject, and it is not the one I tended to write about just now…

Läs mer

Upcoming weeks challenge

A new challenge!

So, new exciting things are coming up! Im actually studying even more now. Except for working as a Coach and personal trainer, I’m getting my licence to be a Lifestyle coach and a licensed health coach. ♣ My work as a personal trainer has been magnificent this summer and now Im even more eager to learn and develope this to the next level.

At the same time as Im working with my own company, traveling and filming, Im studying at

It works teriffic if you, just like me, has A LOT of ambition on your hands and do a lot of hard work at the same time.  I can travel and work while studying here since we meet up in the weekends. ( but it is ofcourse going to take a lot of effort from my side.. to keep everything rolling at the same time. Discipline, this is all there is. Everything works with goals, structure, planning and discipline to proceed with that plan. )

Hopefully, and I am pretty convinced, I will leave with even more new different aspects of what I love working with; Training & Health, and a ton of new friends!

Im totally  up for this, its going to be so much fun!

Keep updated on Snap and Instagram! See ya soon. ♥

// Ida



I have gotten a new partner in crime!And this is something I can truly stand for. *This is nuts*, are what I would refer to as the best snack/baverage company ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-19-11in ages because of 3 things. Enviroment, caring for less fortunate human beings, and ecologic products. All their products are ecologic. Nuts, chocolates, berries and much much more!  VERY HEALTHY! ♥ LOVE IT!

( I have before declined offers from snack companies becuase I have found them to contain too much sugars and processed ingridients.        ( Wich Is NOT something that I like, want to represent or endulge in my everyday life. I love fruit, vegetable and nuts for my lifestyle. ) However, thisisnuts is clean and enviromental.

They also donate 2 kr for each sold product to the ideel organisation Convictus, non political organisation who’s helped abandoned people, children and refugees living on the streets since the 1990’s. ♥       I MEAN WOW! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-16-40

I am so happy to be their ambassador of choosing. I am proud to represent what they stand for! ( And eat a whole bunch of nuts, out being carzy nutty maniac doing mad things! 😉

And what name would suit my lifetstyle better!? I am a living maniac, I am crazy, living a adventure lifetstyle! ( And a hopefully madly healthy one!!! )

So looking forward to this very good bond I have created with these guys! ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-10-52Hopefully we will actually make a change and help sweden to become more healthy, strong, ecologic and less cold for those who live on the street. ♥ It warms my heart!

Check out their wbsite here, eat that delicious nuts-chocolate and be proud to contibute to a better, healthier, more enviromental and warmer loving world!

I Promise… its delicious!


Interview with T.I.N : TAKING THE LEAP

This is nuts Interviewed me a couple of weeks ago.

Check it out here!

Here is what they wrote and I feel good about being a part of their team for health and fitness!ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-08-23-kl-13-49-49

One day she’s hitting the halfpipes of the ski resorts in northern Sweden; the next she’s in Greece working on her skipper’s license, learning how to sail big yachts. Extreme skier, adventurer and training coach Ida Ruder is only 21 years old, but she’s already living her dream. Now she wants to help other women follow theirs.

“Her messy hair is a visible attribute of her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color.” The quote on Ida Ruder’s website seems to perfectly sum up her personality. After all, it was her tenacity and unwillingness to conform to gender stereotypes that led her to move to the Swedish ski resort Sälen while in high school, so that she could become a ski instructor and excel in extreme skiing, a sport that is still heavily dominated by males. The nay sayers said she couldn’t do it. She doubled down on proving them wrong. “There were people who told me ‘Extreme skiing not for you, sweetie’, but I didn’t care that it wasn’t a ‘girl sport’. I loved it and I wanted to do it,” says Ida, who now splits her time between Stockholm, Sälen and Norway.

Skiing and other sports have always been in her blood, so learning how to ski halfpipe and slopestyle came naturally to her. She excelled enough in the sport to place second in both slopestyle and halfpipe in the Swedish Championship in 2015. Currently, she’s pursuing the highest level of certification from the International Ski Instructors Association, a license that only a few instructors even attempt. But the path to becoming an elite skier hasn’t always been a straight one. As a girl and beginner Ida had to fight hard to become a part of the slopestyle community, and she was judged both by other skiers and people outside of the community. “I had to get over the fact that I got into extreme skiing later than most people. I felt small in the beginning and struggled with that mindset. But to me skiing has never been about how good you are, but about how much fun you have,” she says. “With all things in life, women often feel pressured to succeed immediately, but we need to remember that we’re all beginners at one point.”

Ida realized that this mindset was prevalent among women of all walks of life, not just in skiing, and that motivated her to reach out to others by starting a blog and becoming a motivational speaker. “I encourage others to see their potential, follow their ambitions and dare to give it all. Once you do something that scares you, you realize that it wasn’t as bad as you thought,” she says. Never a stranger to trying new things herself, Ida spent this summer leading an Urban Training Tour through nine of the biggest cities in Sweden. In each city, she led an outdoor workout with one hundred women. The event was a good fit, since staying healthy and active is close to Ida’s heart, and something she wants to inspire in others. “Almost all freeriders that I know subsist on hamburgers, pizza and beer, but if I’m going to keep up with the guys I have to be very careful to take care of my body and strengthen it,” she says. That means eating lots of organic fruits and veggies, as well as nuts and seeds, and avoiding processed foods.

Ida loves chia seeds because of their health properties, but also devours cashews and dry-roasted pumpkin seeds to boost her energy levels. “I love all kinds of food and even though I pay attention to what I eat, I’m no maniac. I’ll have an ice cream every once in a while, and I like treating the neighbours to homemade raspberry pie. I always strive for balance.” Starting this summer, Ida is taking on a new role as a This Is Nuts Ambassador. It seems like a perfect fit for somebody who has made it her next goal in life to focus on elevating women in the areas of training, health and adventure. And as usual, she’s no stranger to trying something different. “Dare to take the leap, even if you don’t know where you’re going to land,” she advises. It sounds both as a reminder to herself and a reassurance to others.

Connect with Ida on Instagram to see what she’s up to next.

In new workout article with Karitraa

Hey Guys!

Check out the new leg-workout program on Karitraas magazine!

More stuff is to come… Super excited for summer!!!

Link to article on Karitraa Magazine with Ida Ruder

Soon, after I have finished up all my work in Stockholm im heading off on a adventure to Greece to sail across the ocean for 14 days… Wihooo! so totally looking forward to it. I really need vacation from all the adrenaline and adventureing days. Stay tuned… You dont want to miss this.

Stay true

/ Ida *

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