You wanna know what just came up this spring? A new competition hosted by the one and only Samuel Ålander, at Stöten ski resort Sweden!

This comp was extremely fun. Its a combintion of a session and a fixed one on one competition. The shapers and builders had done a fantastic job! ( Nicco and Nate. ) And the bowl was the most creative feature Ive seen in a long time which most certainly draw alot of people to the battle spot that day.

Officiell film från Stöten Slope N' Style 2018!

Officiell film från Stöten Slope N' Style 2018!Easything Media har satt ihop en sjukt fet edit från årets Slope N' Style. Titta och njut!#StötenSlopeNStyle #StöteniSälen #StötenSnowparkStöten Slope n' Style Stöten i Sälen Stöten Snow Park

Publicerat av Stöten Slope n' Style den 25 april 2018


Id say it was between 60-100 people compeeting that day and the weather gave sunny rays and good vibes. BBQ and celebrations of sping followed and I was happy to be able to participate in my first com in quite a while this season! I was just going to go with it for fun because thats the one and single reason Im in for. And the ladies killed it with good vibes and happy smiles that day!

Such good times and thankyou for putting on such a awesome competiton! Lets do this next year, and lets bring the same amout of awesomeness to it!

Thanks Stöten ski resort, Vasa center, Stöten slope and style and the King Samuel Ålander for kicking in such an awesome event. Stoked to been part of it!

Stay true // Ida

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// Ida